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Why the List Maker?

When we split our combined blog into separate individual blogs, Ashley and Michelle had clear ideas of what they intended on writing about. I, however, was baffled.

I am not going to focus on living my life eating food that has no sugar or creating gorgeous digiscrap layouts. I just can’t do that. My life is too scattered to have one main focus. I don’t have a husband or children to write about like most bloggers my age. I don’t plan on writing too much about work that I do either. So, what is left?

I sat down and started going through what I’d already written, and more than once I mentioned my love for writing lists. I have a list for everything, it seems. Some of them are funnier than others. Some are serious. Some just don’t make sense, even to me after I look back on them.

But that’s what my blog is going to become, a compilation of lists. Hopefully you will share your lists with me as well.

So, to start it all off, here is my first list:

Why become the LifeInk List Maker?

  1. I love writing lists. If you look through my old posts, you’ll find that I tend to think in list form.
  2. Lists are less difficult to create. I don’t always need an explanation for every item on the list.
  3. I can write them easier from an app on my Android phone.
  4. I don’t have to have a specific topic for an entire blog. My lists will vary in topics, but I promise I won’t be posting my grocery lists and to-do lists … unless it’s particularly amusing.
  5. It helps me be concise in my writing. This is one major reason I’m beginning to appreciate Twitter more (aside from my easy connections to celebrities).
  6. It still keeps me writing something in spite of my hectic, insane, work-overloaded schedule.