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5 Reasons My Dad is Cool

So, yesterday was Father’s Day. I meant to post this list then, but my changes were deleted from my phone.

  1. He rides a dragonfly green Harley-Davidson. Yesterday he took me for my first motorcycle ride of the year.  No further explanation needed.
  2. He and my mom have been married for 28 years this August. I admire their relationship together.
  3. He wears that ridiculous hat. But the reason he is cool is more for the fact that he doesn’t care how much grief other people give him about the hat than for the fact he wears it to begin with. It also attracts butterflies.  (see the above picture)
  4. He shared with me his love for taking photos. Anyone who knows me knows how many photos I tend to take. Just imagine someone taking twice as many. Oh yes, it’s possible. And he did it before it was trendy with digital photography.
  5. He taught me that it’s okay to get dirty and work with my hands. I grew up working in the garden with him and my mom and my brother, and he had me helping him in his work room and all sorts of construction/remodeling projects in our old house. I probably have a bigger tool bag than most girls my age thanks to him (and my brother’s awesome graduation gift to me). And because of him, I like using cool new tools, but sometimes it just takes me a bit to warm up to the idea of them.
I could keep going with the list. These are just some of the best reasons my dad is cool. Happy belated Father’s Day, Dad!