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Happy … the Mixtape

For a better part of a year now, I’ve been driving a car from the 90s. While I’m very thankful to have a vehicle to get me from one place to another, there are select features that I wouldn’t be opposed to upgrading.

For instance, the tape deck.

Yes, I said it. The tape deck.

I haven’t listened to cassette tapes since we would take youth group road trips in high school, so that and the radio are all the music I have to listen to while driving. I miss being able to put a CD in, but I’ll take what I can get.

Enter the mixtapes made by my 17-year-old self.

I apologize to anyone I used to subject to the randomness of these things! Wow! There were some bad combinations of songs on those things.

One tape I do find amusing to still sing along to, however, is one I actually titled (a rarity back in those days). It was called “Happy”, probably because most of the songs just plain make me smile even if I’m having a rough day.

Here are some of the songs from that tape (but not all of them):

The only thing that makes me sad about these songs now is I wonder what ever happened to most of them.

And that it wasn’t until much later when I was introduced to the song “International Mystery Man” by The Lads.


Things That Don’t Belong to Me


“Mine. Mine. Mine.”

I sometimes have trouble sharing. To be honest, there are times a two-year-old could teach me a lesson in doing so. Lately, however, I’ve been realizing just how many things I have that I selfishly hold onto.

1. My car. Especially after losing the one I’ve bonded with over the last several years, this one has hit me. My car may not be the nicest, but I’m thankful to have something to drive to and from work and church in. I also have concluded that it needs to be used to help others when a ride or delivery is needed.

2. My home. My apartment is filled with things crap. Much of it I don’t need or use. In fact, there are whole families who take up the same amount of space as me and my belongings crap. I should be thankful for a place to live where I feel safe, and I should be welcoming to others.

3. My time. While I may be the one who ultimately decides how to use my time, I’ve come to realize how little I can control what pulls at me. Some of the commitments I make are not always thought through and my time is not wisely spent.

4. My family. I love my family dearly. They mean the world to me. But when I selfishly keep them to myself and don’t allow others to see just how great of people they are and how much love they have to give, not only am I cheating that person out of knowing someone amazing, I’m cheating myself out of someone new to love.

5. My friends. Sometimes I really struggle with being so incredibly far away from the friends I’ve become closest to over the years. I’ve been making some new friends here in town (which isn’t always easy thanks to my wonderful self-esteem issues), and that is helping a lot. Still, the fact that my old friends are slowly drifting away and that I feel like I’m not always comfortable with my new friends is a reminder that I can’t collect them like baseball cards (no matter what Facebook may tell you to the contrary).