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Inside My Head

I am a very visual person, and this past week someone managed to get inside my head. It’s not often I let people in, but this person made a comment, and BAM! I had a mental image of that person standing in a room that I could only think was what I subconsciously envisioned my mind to be.

Now, I’ve heard of creative exercises where you think about how you would describe how you think your mind would look like if it were a room or a landscape, but what came to mind in that moment was very little like what I would have tried to convince myself it looks like. Here are a list of what I pictured in the middle of that conversation:

– Red walls. I generally am not a fan is the color red, so I like to convince myself it’d really have lime green. But no, this had bright red with a hint of orange walls.

– A wooden door.

– My friend. I didn’t see that one coming. Granted, the person was standing in front of me pretending to frame a mental image for me, so I should have expected it.

– An over-stuffed yellow chair. Once again, I’m not a fan of that color, so why it was there, I do not know. At least I know I’m comfortable in my own brain.

– Framed photos. On most of the wall to my left, I had several framed photos. The friend I was talking to was hanging that one more, right next to the door, probably because the mental image had referenced a door.

– An empty wall. The space on the other side of the door was empty, and I somehow knew it was for future memories.

What about you? Can you imagine your brain being a room? How would it be decorated, and who would be there?