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List #12 – What I Love About This Month

September is generally a difficult month for me to like for a variety of reasons. As much as that is, it is good to list some things I like about the month.

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List #11 – What My Family Has Taught Me

I truly love my family. They mean the world to me. In fact, they are the number one thing I’ll tell you I miss from back in Michigan. (Having pop can deposits runs a close second though!)

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List #10 – Meaningful Gifts

Finally, a list that doesn’t make me cry (with sad tears, at least). The things listed below are by no means an exhaustive list of sentimental gifts, but I’m too emotionally exhausted to mention everything.

And I’m convinced a gift is only as meaningful as both parties allow it to be. While I normally explain why things are on my list, I think I’ll leave the meaningfulness between me and the other person involved.

  • A magnet with the quote from George Bernard Shaw: “Never wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it.”
  • A Mini Cooper Hot Wheels car, which I’ve had sitting on my work or home desk the past two years
  • My lime green baking pan from my grandma that was one of their wedding gifts
  • A lime green journal
  • A floral circlet, hand crafted with blue and silver ribbons and roses
  • My first bookshelf
  • Certain handmade pieces of jewelry
  • Keys
  • My first SLR camera
  • This flip board
  • Time spent together, something I’m clearly referring to in more than one situation
  • The two things that hang from my rear view mirror
  • An alarm clock
  • A white scarf

Sadly, I live in a circle of people who give meaningful gifts (or I inject meaning into them), yet I’m horrible at remembering when I give meaningful gifts. Some that I can think of:

  • Annual calendar of family photo updates for my grandma
  • Crocheted hats/scarves
  • Puppy chow
  • Letters

Have I given you a meaningful gift I may not have mentioned? Let me know. I’ll have to add it to the list … or just start doing more intentional gift-giving again.

List #9 – Weird Things That Make Me Cry

Wow, these lists are getting depressing. I hope we have an uplifting prompt soon. Until then, here are some weird things that make me cry (and you can leave it to me to be weird about it):

  • TV shows — Bones, Castle, Doctor Who, Once Upon a Time … you name one of the shows I watch regularly, I’ve cried at least once. I’ve even teared up on shows I don’t watch consistently (Glee, Criminal Minds, How I Met Your Mother).
  • Books — I love a book that so strongly affected you that just thinking of the title makes you a little emotional just thinking of the title. Like, A Prayer for Owen Meany or the last Harry Potter book.
  • Cards — If a Christmas or birthday card has a sentimental note, I melt. That may not seem weird, but it seriously doesn’t take much.
  • Cars — Well, certain cars I tend to associate with certain people, so I get a little sniffly when I see those cars.
  • Songs — Just like with cars, I associate music with people. When those songs come up on my Spotify playlist, I get a little teary-eyed, especially if I haven’t seen that friend in a while.

List #8 – Childhood Chores

I can’t remember having too many chores as a kid. The ones I remember having, I remember being easily distracted from.

  • Washing windows — My favorite springtime chore, I’d wash all the windows on the main floor of our house. I remember especially enjoying the first grime-busting time every year.
  • Cleaning my room — I always found something to play with or (more likely) read. I would make my mom sit on my bed and talk to me so that I had company. I think that’s why talking on the phone is one of my most productive activities today.
  • Matching/folding socks — It was like a game. I still find it somewhat fun today.
  • Feeding the dog — Most people know I’m not a dog person. Part of that stems from having to take disgusting combinations of food out to an animal that would jump all over me.
  • Feeding the cat — Does anyone else think cat food smells gross, too?
  • Setting the table — I think that my perfectionism was highly evident in this when I’d make sure all the silverware matched and the plates were turned the same way and the glasses were in the right corner. I still do that at Christmas dinner.
  • Filling/emptying the dishwasher — If my brother and I could ever duke out who got which one (we won’t mention how literal that may have been to some instances), I’d always choose emptying (a) because I’d be done sooner and (b) because I can’t stand gross dishes that have been immersed in nasty water for several hours. (This is not to be confused with putting water IN a pan to soak it.) As a result, I sometimes find more joy in hand-washing dishes now.

List #7 – Today I Saw …

Pretty self-explanatory. Today I saw …

  • lovely artwork from both Jamie & Casey
  • the shadow of my hair swinging as I ran
  • Jamie’s smiling face
  • cute old couples cruising in vintage cars with the top down
  • a failed Skype chat with this face
    (but yay for a good ol’ phone conversation instead)
  • a grasshopper
  • my fridge get organized
  • bacon sizzling
  • lyrics to the new Jars of Clay album

List #5 – Things I Worry About

Well, first of all, September 5th is National Be Late for Something Day. And I made it through the day without actually being late to anything. Until my list. I was late posting my list. Oops!

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