List #4 – Biggest Time Wasters

I’m not sure what I think of today’s prompt. I will admit that I waste time (we all do, for better or worse), but I’m not sure how much time I want to admit to wasting. 🙂
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List #3 – Things Younger Me Would Like About Current Me

We’re on to day 3. I like this prompt, but let me make a confession first. After seeing all the other beautiful #30Lists creatively displayed, it may be possible that I broke out my stamping supplies and started something simple. More on that later.

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List #2 – Projects I Am Working On

Well, day two of the 30 Days of Lists campaign is here. I don’t have many “projects” in process, but here’s what I can think of: Continue reading

List #1 – What’s New This Year

I figure that I can work on this list while sitting on the bus headed to the Minnesota State Fair, something I’m trying new for the first time today. How appropriate. So, here goes:

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30 Lists in 30 Days

In case you’re unaware, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. Basically, I’ve written nothing (here or elsewhere) since moving to Minnesota. I’ve decided to change that. In order to motivate myself, I’ve joined my dear friend Michelle (Life.Ink.Scraps) in the September 30 Lists campaign.

For each day in September, I’ll be making a list. Simple or elaborate, I’m not sure yet, but I think I need to revive this thing.

So, have a seat because we’re about to start listing again!


Exciting Discoveries in Minnesota

It has been little less than a week since I have moved to Minnesota. I have come up with a list of things that I already love about being here.


– Most importantly, I live only 1 mile from a Jamba Juice. This could be potentially dangerous.
– There is no tax here on food OR clothes.
– Speaking of clothes, my favorite brand’s headquarters are in the Twin Cities.
– My coworkers are amazingly nice. I love working with them already!
– The rumor that people from Minnesota are super nice is more than a rumor. It’s true.
– They have wildlife preserves. It’s beautiful to drive through. But I hear there are bears in some of them.
– The number of lilacs astounds me. I love lilacs.
– Along with the lilacs come a bazillion butterflies. I’m in heaven.

Must See Movies


After the Oscars on Sunday, I have suddenly developed the desire to see a bunch of movies. (That’s probably one of the numerous reasons why they air the Oscars to begin with, to get people like me back in the theater seats.)

In result, I’ve come up with a list of movies I’d like to see for reasons of my own. In no specific order:

  • The Adventures of Tintin – I love (and am going through withdrawals from) Steven Moffat’s writing, and I’m sorely disappointed I didn’t fully make the connection before. I don’t care if it’s animated.
  • Hugo – Even before it was winning 150 awards, I wanted to see it. Still do. I don’t care that it’s animated either.
  • Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy – Two words: Benedict Cumberbatch. 🙂
  • The Muppets – I’ve been wanting to see this since long before it showed up in the theater the first time. I love Kermit.
  • The Help – I’ll admit that I wanted to see this because it’s been such a media hog. But I’ve yet to go.

All of them are in the cheap theater in town. The only major problem with most of these is that I don’t allow myself to watch a book-based movie until after I’ve read the book. And for that reason, I’ll probably be seeing The Hunger Games in the cheap theater or on my TV as well.

Who wants to help me cross some of these off my list?