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List #12 – What I Love About This Month

September is generally a difficult month for me to like for a variety of reasons. As much as that is, it is good to list some things I like about the month.

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List #11 – What My Family Has Taught Me

I truly love my family. They mean the world to me. In fact, they are the number one thing I’ll tell you I miss from back in Michigan. (Having pop can deposits runs a close second though!)

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List #7 – Today I Saw …

Pretty self-explanatory. Today I saw …

  • lovely artwork from both Jamie & Casey
  • the shadow of my hair swinging as I ran
  • Jamie’s smiling face
  • cute old couples cruising in vintage cars with the top down
  • a failed Skype chat with this face
    (but yay for a good ol’ phone conversation instead)
  • a grasshopper
  • my fridge get organized
  • bacon sizzling
  • lyrics to the new Jars of Clay album

Exciting Discoveries in Minnesota

It has been little less than a week since I have moved to Minnesota. I have come up with a list of things that I already love about being here.


– Most importantly, I live only 1 mile from a Jamba Juice. This could be potentially dangerous.
– There is no tax here on food OR clothes.
– Speaking of clothes, my favorite brand’s headquarters are in the Twin Cities.
– My coworkers are amazingly nice. I love working with them already!
– The rumor that people from Minnesota are super nice is more than a rumor. It’s true.
– They have wildlife preserves. It’s beautiful to drive through. But I hear there are bears in some of them.
– The number of lilacs astounds me. I love lilacs.
– Along with the lilacs come a bazillion butterflies. I’m in heaven.

November’s Thankful List

I know, it’s almost half-way through the month, and most people are posting these to their Facebook statuses, but I figured I’d start it out on here and add to it daily from there. So, without further ado, here goes. Continue reading

Signs You Need to Do Dishes

Dear apartment,

Please accept this as an apology for the state you’ve been left in for far too long now. Perhaps I will learn to do dishes before these signs start popping up in the future, and hopefully all of you are a tad bit better about doing dishes than I am.

  1. The dishwasher, which was once filled with clean dishes after the last load, is nearly empty from using dishes out of it. Why can’t I just get into the habit of emptying the thing and just turning it on once it’s FILLED!
  2. All of the spoons in the drawer … and dishwasher … and extra hidden stash are used and laying in the sink.
  3. All of your plates are waiting to be washed. All you have to eat off of are dessert plates. (Not such a bad thing if you think about it.)
  4. You choose to eat oatmeal for breakfast because your cereal bowls are dirty but your oatmeal bowls are clean.
  5. Your kitchen counters say that you’ve just had 12 people over to dinner, but in reality, it’s just been that long since you’ve put dishes away off of them.
  6. You write a blog post about how you need to clean instead of cleaning. (Procrastination, anyone?)
Okay, I realize how gross I am sounding right now. It really is time to clean this mess up. No leaving the apartment until it’s done.

Things I Have No Control Over

I have come to learn that there are certain things in life that I have no control over. I may have influence on them, but I have absolutely no control over them. Some are light-hearted while others have taken some time and consideration to even be included in a list of what I share with others.

  • The weather. As we’ve seen on a global scale overnight, we have no idea when a devastation like a tsunami is coming or not. Living in Michigan only emphasizes my lack of control over the weather. As much as I love the beauty of a good snowstorm, I only like seeing the white stuff between the day after Thanksgiving and January 15. Anything beyond that becomes monotonous.
  • How many movie writers steal my life story to be put on the screen. I’ve complained many times before about how my life ends up on the silver screen. 27 Dresses, The Devil Wears Prada (sort of), The Graduate … the list could go on. The only thing missing in my life that these movies have is the token boyfriend who makes all worries go away. Oh, wait, that’s the fictionalized part of the movie.
  • The inevitability of spilling something on my shirt when I have nachos or spaghetti. I had to change my shirt at lunch yesterday because I made the mistake of making myself spaghetti. And then I ate nachos for dinner. I’m a bright one.
  • How other people react to me. I may have control over how I act, and I know that may not always be in the most mature and responsible. However, I should not have the expectation that other people will overlook my insensitivities and irritated comments. When it comes to an argument, I can apologize for my part, for the things I’ve said and the ways I’ve acted, but I cannot expect any kind of apology out of the other person. And I’m learning to be okay with that.