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List #12 – What I Love About This Month

September is generally a difficult month for me to like for a variety of reasons. As much as that is, it is good to list some things I like about the month.

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List #9 – Weird Things That Make Me Cry

Wow, these lists are getting depressing. I hope we have an uplifting prompt soon. Until then, here are some weird things that make me cry (and you can leave it to me to be weird about it):

  • TV shows — Bones, Castle, Doctor Who, Once Upon a Time … you name one of the shows I watch regularly, I’ve cried at least once. I’ve even teared up on shows I don’t watch consistently (Glee, Criminal Minds, How I Met Your Mother).
  • Books — I love a book that so strongly affected you that just thinking of the title makes you a little emotional just thinking of the title. Like, A Prayer for Owen Meany or the last Harry Potter book.
  • Cards — If a Christmas or birthday card has a sentimental note, I melt. That may not seem weird, but it seriously doesn’t take much.
  • Cars — Well, certain cars I tend to associate with certain people, so I get a little sniffly when I see those cars.
  • Songs — Just like with cars, I associate music with people. When those songs come up on my Spotify playlist, I get a little teary-eyed, especially if I haven’t seen that friend in a while.

List #4 – Biggest Time Wasters

I’m not sure what I think of today’s prompt. I will admit that I waste time (we all do, for better or worse), but I’m not sure how much time I want to admit to wasting. 🙂
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List #3 – Things Younger Me Would Like About Current Me

We’re on to day 3. I like this prompt, but let me make a confession first. After seeing all the other beautiful #30Lists creatively displayed, it may be possible that I broke out my stamping supplies and started something simple. More on that later.

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Movies I Own & Movies I Wouldn’t Mind Owning

I only own about a half dozen DVDs. I’ve only purchased one of them. I know, I’m a rarity among Americans for that, but to the contrast, I own far too many COs by obscure musicians.

So, here are the DVDs I own:

  1. Mulan. It is a great Disney film with plenty of humorous lines and fun songs.
  2. Moulin Rouge. I love the music. (Sense a trend?)
  3. Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows, pt 1. Given to me by my brother, I suspect I’ll be watching it within the next month & a half.
  4. Willow Creek Association Leadership Summit 2008. I worked at the Summit during my internship & received the DVD for doing so.
  5. Batman: the Movie. How can you not laugh at that movie! It is ridiculous and from the 1960s.
  6. It’s a Wonderful Life. I bought it at a used book store.
  7. Bride & Prejudice. I inherited this one from a former roommate because it wouldn’t work on her DVD player.

On the other hand, there are only a couple movies I wouldn’t mind adding to that list:

  1. Anastasia. I love the songs in that movie. And the dialogue is hilarious, especially Bartok’s lines.
  2. RENT. I (once again) love the music. And Anthony Rapp.

Why I Look Forward to April


I know, tomorrow starts March, not April. But there are so many things to look forward to in April. Here’s just a few:

– Mid-month is the end of tax season, and my mom can have a life again.
– Dr. Who has new episodes airing. Thank you, BBC America.
– Friends who are pregnant will start having baby showers. I will begin my personal duty to brain wash them into thinking I work for the best baby company ever.
– My church is having a spring break VBS & I get to teach crafts to all the kiddos.
– It’ll be my half birthday. Perhaps I’ll throw a half party. I’m not wholly on board with the idea yet though.