List #12 – What I Love About This Month

September is generally a difficult month for me to like for a variety of reasons. As much as that is, it is good to list some things I like about the month.

  • Some pretty fabulous people I know were born this month: my grandma and my friends Ellen and Megan to name a few.
  • Sweaters. I love sweaters and sweatshirts and hoodies and cardigans. They make me happy.
  • Leaves begin to change. I love the smell. I love the crunch. I love the contrast with the beautiful blue sky. It makes me happy.
  • It’s almost my birthday. I can start the countdown now. I’m always reminded to be thankful for yet another year.
  • Apple season. I love picking apples and eating them. Unfortunately, my distaste for baked fruit makes me very unAmerican in my choice of foods.
  • Many of my favorite TV shows start back up: Bones, Castle, Once Upon a Time, pretty much the American ones.

And I should keep reminding myself of this list as this month progresses. It’s been a hard one.


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