List #11 – What My Family Has Taught Me

I truly love my family. They mean the world to me. In fact, they are the number one thing I’ll tell you I miss from back in Michigan. (Having pop can deposits runs a close second though!)

For good or bad, I’ve learned a lot from them. Here are just a few things:

  • The foundation of my faith in Christ
  • How to be giving
  • How to be late
  • What it is to always have someone to turn to
  • How to fully appreciate a good hug
  • To get the last word
  • How to laugh, especially when we get ridiculous about having the last word
  • That eating cabbage and radishes raw is normal
  • A love for photography
  • That sometimes you just need to ignore “stupid irritating noises”
  • How to win an argument by being technical
  • An appreciation for long road trips and how to drive long stretches making as few stops as possible
  • To never get transition lenses in my glasses because you never see a person’s eyes when you’re outside
  • … and so many more things!

Photo credit: Barb Roth


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