List #4 – Biggest Time Wasters

I’m not sure what I think of today’s prompt. I will admit that I waste time (we all do, for better or worse), but I’m not sure how much time I want to admit to wasting. 🙂

Even still, when I do it, here’s what catches me:

  • Sleeping — I will admit freely that I’m not a morning person. Anyone who’s ever stayed or travelled with me can attest to this. It isn’t pretty. And that is what makes me late in the morning. I also love naps. My parents ingrained a Sunday afternoon nap in me so much so that I can hardly resist one to this day. Why can’t we convince our younger selves we needed more naps?
  • Sudoku — I play this when I’m watching TV, when I’m waiting for my tires to be replaced, when I’m watching over Boy Wonder after bedtime before his parents come home …
  • Texting — While I don’t consider communicating with people I care about a waste of time, I find that it detracts me from focusing on where I am in that moment.
  • Facebook — Yeah. We all know it. Many people have pointed it out. I’m working on it. Some days it’s hard having a job that supports your addiction. (But it’s also part of why you love your job so much. Talk about a catch-22!)
  • Pinterest — When you almost boil down an entire pot of water because you went to look for a second recipe while starting a first one, you know you have a problem.
  • My iPhone in general — Sure, I just spent a few hours this last week replacing it and then replacing the screen cover. Sure, I check my email and Facebook frequently. Sure, I feel lost if I don’t have access to its GPS. That doesn’t mean I’m addicted … does it?
  • Driving — I love to travel, but when it comes to trips, especially ones back to my parents’, I feel like I spend more time on the road sometimes than I do actually enjoying where I’m going. If only flying were cheaper!
  • Watching TV shows — Whether online or on the actual TV, watching an entire season of any show but Sherlock in one weekend is a little ridiculous. But it’s happened. More than once. The most recent was season 3 of The Big Bang Theory. Before that, all of Merlin. Now all of my American shows are starting up for fall (and that’d be another list within a list!). Not to mention getting ready some sort of costume for the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who. Wow. I’m in trouble.

There you have it. My time wasters. And some of you are probably shocked it’s taken me four days to finally mention Doctor Who. You should be proud. 🙂

And on that note, I’ll leave you with David Tennant.


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