List #3 – Things Younger Me Would Like About Current Me

We’re on to day 3. I like this prompt, but let me make a confession first. After seeing all the other beautiful #30Lists creatively displayed, it may be possible that I broke out my stamping supplies and started something simple. More on that later.

As for now, here’s what me at different ages would like about me now:

  • 6-year-old me: I’d like that I still hang out with kids and invest in their lives, even though I don’t have my own. Adults who invested in kids’ lives were always my favorite. Along the same lines, I would’ve loved that I’m a Sunday School teacher for 5- and 6-year-olds.
  • 12-year-old me: I’d be thrilled to know that some of the friendships I was just beginning are some still very dear to me today. I can’t imagine life without some of those friendships, ones I’d travel hundreds of miles to visit one day. And I’d like that I travel, making it a goal to leave the country at least once a year (even if it IS only across the border to Canada).
  • 17-year-old me: I’d have geeked out at the fact that I just finished watching BBC’s Merlin series. After our Arthurian obsessions in high school, I never would have expected to go back to that. Also, I would have loved knowing that I work in publishing. While social media didn’t exist then (hard to believe, right?), I’d probably think my job is pretty cool. And I’d be extremely happy to know that I’m finally more confident in who I am, not who I think everyone else expects me to be. That’s been a wonderful journey. And I still unashamedly love lime green!
  • 21-year-old me: I’d love that I finally found a job. And one that I love. I’d reassure myself that, no, my English major was not in vain.

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