List #2 – Projects I Am Working On

Well, day two of the 30 Days of Lists campaign is here. I don’t have many “projects” in process, but here’s what I can think of:

  • #30 Lists Clearly, I’ve started my way through this project. No more explanation necessary.
  • A stuff purge. I keep telling people I have too many “things.” It is time to change that.
  • A communication board for me & my roommate. I planned on doing this ages ago. I bought the supplies. Now I need to make it. Maybe I’ll do that today.
  • Curtains for my trailer bathroom. While at Brown City Camp this year, I realized my bathroom curtains were deteriorating. I brought them home to use as a pattern to make new ones. I have until next August to complete them. Here’s wishing myself luck on that. If not, I pity the neighbors behind me.

Here’s the trailer where the curtains go. I took some bleach to it while I was at camp this year, and I was thrilled with the transformation.



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