List #1 – What’s New This Year

I figure that I can work on this list while sitting on the bus headed to the Minnesota State Fair, something I’m trying new for the first time today. How appropriate. So, here goes:

  • I’m beginning to appreciate certain aspects of Minnesota, even to the point of calling it “home.” It has taken nearly a year and a half to get here, but I recently went back to Michigan for the first time without the intense longing to stay there.
  • Along with that, I’m about to experience the State Fair for the first time! I have no idea what to expect.
  • I live with a roommate again for the first time in six years. This has reminded me how stuck in my ways I can get living alone. It has been good not to live alone. Plus, it keeps reminding me that I have too much “stuff.”
  • I started running. Had you told me this a year ago, I’d have laughed in your face. I’ve grown to really enjoy it though. It is surprisingly relaxing.
  • I no longer have either of my grandpas around. My second grandpa passed away in January. It isn’t really a change I’m happy about, but I’m honored to have known them both and to know what a strong, Christian heritage I come from. Plus, I’ve noticed that side of my family has grown significantly closer in the months since. And in spite of everything, I praise God for that.
  • I have new responsibilities at work. My job is growing, and I’m constantly being challenged, and I like that. A lot. Have I mentioned recently how much I like my job? Even when it’s stressful?
  • I’m watching an 8-year-old once a week. I like to call him Boy Wonder online. He’s a cute kid, full of creativity, with a big, sensitive heart. He makes me hope to have kids like him someday. Even when he gets sick like he did this week. Poor guy.
  • I’m new to the 30 Days of Lists listing club. I think it’s great to have people motivating each other to be creative. Thanks for introducing me, Michelle!
  • I now have my own lot at Brown City Camp! … as long as the camp board approves it. My grandma has decided that a trailer and camping is too much work (sad day!), so she’s passed her trailer and lot to me. I’m so excited! It’s a sign I’m officially an “adult.” Haha.

And since I’m posting this much later than writing it, I will leave you with a photo of one of the yummy foods I encountered at the fair: a chocolate-dipped frozen banana on a stick … with sprinkles.



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