November’s Thankful List

I know, it’s almost half-way through the month, and most people are posting these to their Facebook statuses, but I figured I’d start it out on here and add to it daily from there. So, without further ado, here goes.

I’m thankful for:

  1. Union. I can’t put a value on the friendships I’ve made since discovering this group.
  2. Inside jokes & silent conversations. The more that can be said with just eye-contact, the more I love it … in spite of how much I talk.
  3. My little brother Tim. His birthday was the third of November, and I couldn’t be blessed with a better little brother … even if he isn’t shorter than me anymore.
  4. The physical ability to help other people.
  5. Karaoke. Thanks to Todd & Pamela for opening their home every so often.
  6. My Sunday school class. They seem to teach me as much as I teach them. And they give me such great stories to tell.
  7. A patient mother who is willing to sit down and help me work out a (difficult) budget for the remainder of the year.
  8. An income in order to create that budget.
  9. Rewards card freebies & student discounts.
  10. Others who are late to the game and allow me to not feel as guilty about not jumping on the bandwagon before at least day 10. (Thanks, Pam Brummel!)
  11. Conversations spoken in confidence with full trust that they won’t go beyond those present.
  12. My camera. Between impromptu photography and occasional photo shoots, I love the opportunity for creativity.
  13. A mother who spent many Sunday afternoons with me in the kitchen, teaching me how to cook. And that she still sometimes lets me join her in her kitchen to help with Sunday dinner. 🙂
  14. The board meeting not going ridiculously late tonight because it meant that I had a chance to chat with Pamela while picking up an air mattress to borrow.
  15. Enjoyable conversations that run longer than expected.
  16. Amanda, Abby & Audrey’s visit this evening and their willingness to try some new cooking with me. 🙂
  17. We made it to the Klauses’.
  18. My mom & I made it through 11.5 hours of cross-country driving in 2 days without driving each other too crazy
  19. All the wonderful help we had to unload the truck at my grandparents’ … now to find a path to the bed for some sleep.
  20. An extended family that, I believe, is growing closer together.
  21. A family with a sense of humor.
  22. The progress we’ve made on Grandma & Grandpa’s apartment … and for old friends like Tiff & new friends like Joe. 🙂
  23. My grandparents living in a place with very nice management who attend to concerns quickly
  24. Employees of Cracker Barrel who were willing to work today and make us a delicious Thanksgiving meal in spite of a mid-move kitchen, that I have family to enjoy it with and that we were able to have a “day of rest”.
  25. A break in the long drive.
  26. A Thanksgiving dinner with my other Grandma & for decorating her tree & for making it home to my own bed to sleep in.
  27. Being part of one big huge family in Christ.
  28. Having clean laundry and people who jump on board with a spontaneous idea.
  29. I’m going to just keep it simple tonight. I’m thankful for friends.
  30. Living close enough to my work so that I could have a productive lunch at home and not be at work for 13 hours straight today.

(Comments in italics were added later.)


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